Why I’ll never be “Smug-fit”

I came across a type of person this week who I’ve decided to call smug-fit. They’ve dropped X number of dress sizes by some specific method/diet/plan, and they are SMUG.

“Oh yes I only ever drink the tears of a unicorn for my fluid intake, I would never touch tap water, look how good I look now, I clearly know more than you!! You will always be weaker/fatter than me, because I know better!”

It took every bit of will power in my ginger head to restrain myself from retaliating to comments on a group page on a social media site.

You know why you’re in that group? You know why you followed that plan? Because you were once unhappy with your shape or fitness level. Do not now mock others who are in the position you were 3 months ago, or a position you could easily slip back into in the future.

You never know what’s round the corner.

You know what I’ve had a tough week. Last night I had a full bar of chocolate and 2 glasses of full fat milk for my tea. Man my workout was hard today, felt like there were no bones in my body, I was like trying to complete a push up with arms that were made of spaghetti! It’s not like I don’t know what to eat, I’m currently studying nutrition! I have a spreadsheet that meticulously tracks every gram I eat. Apart from yesterday where I decided to watch Geordie Shore and not open my laptop, let alone that spreadsheet, because I felt really upset about something.

And that’s why I won’t judge. We all have crappy days, we all slip, we all sometimes need to eat a disgusting amount of Ben and Jerry’s as it’s the only way to get over feeling crappy about something. It’s about getting back on it asap, banging out a decent workout and being on track 90% of the time. That’s enough.


Life is hard enough without being mad at yourself for not getting it on point 100% of the time, let alone having a “Smug-fit” judge you. Bore off, we all know you secretly binge on Ferrero Rocher.

Do you know what else, there is more than the “Smug-fit’s” specific way to achieve fitness goals. Whether it’s fat loss, gaining muscle, or both. The beauty of it is there’s tons of ways to achieve it. This can get a little confusing of course, however the “Smug-fit” will tell you that only the way they did it is correct, no other way is possibly right and they’ll look and talk to you in this condescending manner as when you’re still measuring the same in 3 months, you’ll have to do it their Smug-Fit way… er no!

I have whole heartedly decided to base my PT business on structuring sessions and programs around life. Life is for living and I would like to get your life that little bit better, no judgement from me!